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40X - 1500X Power Dual Viewing
Compound Teaching Training
Dual Viewing Microscope
50 Blank Slides + 50 Prep Slide

Price: $349.98

Model: te023e000m

Shipping Cost: To be determined

Bonus Items

  • BONUS: Includes 50 high contrast stained and prepared microscope slides. Great variety of zoology, biology, and botanical specimens for hours of learning fun.
  • BONUS: Includes a FREE pack of 50 blank glass microscope slides!
  • BONUS: Includes a FREE pack of 100 new microscope 22mm square glass cover slips!
  • This is a much needed kit. If you purchase a microscope set without these necessary accessories, you will find you have nothing to begin viewing.

Eyepieces and Magnification

  • Four Magnifications: 40x, 100x, 400x, and 1000x.
  • Two Eyepieces Included: Wide Field 10x.
  • Pointers Included in Each Eyepiece.
  • Four DIN Achromatic Objectives: 4x, 10x, 40x, and 100x (Oil Immersion).
  • Spring Loaded 40x and 100x Objectives to Protect Slides.


  • High Wattage 110V/20W Base Transmitted Illumination.

Head – Interpupillary Distance – Diopter

  • 45 Degree Inclined Monocular Dual Viewing Head, Rotatable 360 Degrees.
  • Two Monocular Eyetubes for Simultaneous Viewing by Two People.
  • Diopter Adjustment on one Ocular to Synchronize the Optics so both are in Sharp Viewing Contrast.

Condenser – Iris – Filters

  • 1.25 N.A. Abbe Substage Condenser, Condenser Movement Knob, Iris Diaphragm and Swing-Out Filter Holder.
  • Full Light Condenser with Condensing Lens! This is not the cheap version with simple holes of varying diameter.
  • Filters Included: Green, Blue, Yellow.

Stage Specifications

  • Large Stage with Slide Clips.
  • This microscope has a large stage as well as two slide clips that hold the prepared microscope slide in place while observing the biological specimen.


  • Fine and Coarse Focusing Knobs on Both Sides of Microscope.
  • Tension Adjustable Coarse Focusing.
  • Adjustable Screw-Stop to Limit Coarse Range to Protect Slides.

Frame – Base – Size – Weight

  • Total Overall Height of Microscope: 15 Inches (390mm).
  • The Base is 8×7 Inches (210mm x 170mm).
  • Instrument Weight: 18.5 lbs.

Included Items

  • Includes: Instruction Manual, Bottle of Immersion Oil, Extra Bulb, and Dust Cover.

Other Specifications

  • Ships in Molded Styrofoam Container for protection.
  • Manufactured under ISO: 9001 Standards.
  • 110 VAC Power Requirement (Contact us about 220V availability).
  • High Quality Solid Construction!
  • Precision Made Glass Optics!
  • Brand New, Never Used!

Manufacturer’s Warranty

  • Warranty is 5 years on all microscope equipment.
  • The microscope warranty covers problems arising from normal usage.
  • We will repair or replace your defective microscopy equipment as needed during the warranty period.