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Olympus BH2-BHS
Two Head
Arrow Pointer System
Teaching Microscope

Price USD $1700

Model: Olympus BH2-BHS
Shipping Cost: To be determined

Special Features:

  • Multi-Head allows two students or one student and one teacher to view the specimen simultaneously.
  • Arrow pointer system allows a pointer arrow to be superimposed into the viewing area.
  • Color selector allows two different colors to be selected for the arrow.
  • This arrow pointer is the higher grade that does not require a separate power supply nor separate
    light source. It uses a fiber optic cable to collect light from the back lamp housing.


  • Abbe Condenser, 1.25 N.A. with iris diaphragm.
  • XY Mechanical stage.
  • Koehler field diaphragm
  • Daylight blue color temperature filter installed over light collector.


  • This has the higher grade 100W light system, with a rear mounted lamp housing. Other systems have lower lighting capacity and are mounted internally.
  • Bulb required: 12V-100W Halogen.

Objectives: (All objectives marked “Olympus Japan”)

  • DPlan 4x/0.10; 160/0.17
  • A 10x/0.25; 160/0.17
  • DPlan 40x/0.65; 160/0.17
  • DPlan 100x/1.25; 160/0.17

Quintuple (5-place) Nosepiece has an open space where another objective could be installed.


  • 110/115V Voltage selector switch. 50/60 Hz.
  • Marked: Olympus Optical Co. LTD, Japan.
  • UL Listed.


  • This is a used microscope in good working condition.


Payment Method:

We generally accept purchase orders from government, educational, and industrial facilities. For some orders, we accept credit cards. We also accept bank wire (telegraphic transfers) transfers. Contact us for details.

Shipping Costs:

Shipping costs vary. Please contact us and we will review your location and the cost to ship.

Money Back Guarantee:

We guarantee you will be satisfied with your purchase. If in the unlikely event you are not satisfied and want to return your item, please contact us within 10 days of receiving it. We will then arrange to get you an RMA number and details about how to return it. Shipping costs are non-refundable. We have no restocking fees. We will refund the full price of the equipment.

Original Parts – Not Counterfeit:

All parts are original by the original manufacturer. If for example, we call it an Olympus, then the parts are truly Olympus, not some knock-off counterfeit part made in India or China. We purchased an Olympus BX40 biological trinocular microscope on a popular online auction service. We got this from a “reputable” dealer who had a good track record, many sales, lots of other equipment for sale, and had been in business for a number of years. When we got the unit, it initially looked great. But on further inspection, we could see that the trinocular head was not right. It was cheaply made. The click-stops for the trinocular photo port felt so “Chinese” like. It clearly wasn’t the excellent quality made in Japan that was expected. Further inspection showed inferior material composition (more plastic than metal). Also, the eyepieces were not correct. We had seen enough equipment in the past to know that we were clearly looking at counterfeit parts installed on an original frame. When confronted, the seller acknowledged that it was counterfeit made in India, but was “perfectly fine, worked great, and looked the same”. We promptly returned it. We sell only original parts. Beware as there are very good fake parts being sold.


We warranty all our reconditioned products to be in good working order. We will repair or replace equipment at no charge, during our 90 day warranty period. We have a one year warranty period for labor.