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Dual Head Teaching Microscope
Simultaneous Viewing
Plan Infinity Objectives
Led Pointer Arrow

Price: $998.98

Model: te0150000m
Shipping Cost: To be determined

Special Features:

  • Dual Head High Power Teaching – Training Microscope!
  • Perfect for any application needing Simultaneous Viewing!
  • Clear and Bright Biological Images through Premium Optics!

LED Pointer

  • Includes a bright LED cursor pointer system.
  • Student or Teacher can superimpose and position the variable intensity pointer arrow on the specimen field.
  • Pointer can be moved out of the field of view if desired.

Carrying Case

  • BONUS: Includes a Carrying Case with Precut Foam for safe transportation of your precision instrument.

Eyepieces and Magnification

  • Magnifications: 40x, 64x, 100x, 160x, 400x, 640x, 1000x and 1600x.
  • Eyepieces: WF10x (20mm field of view) high eyepoint eyepieces. These high eyepoint eyepieces give the ability to use eyeglasses when viewing the specimen. Also included is a set of 16x eyepieces for all eyetubes. Rubber eyeguards are included to block out stray light to provide a clearer specimen image. Eyepieces are a larger 30mm diameter compared to the standard smaller 23mm diameter. This provides for a larger and better image.
  • Objectives: Plan Objectives for flat field without the warping of imaging at the outer edges of the field of view. Quadruple Reverse Facing Nosepiece with 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x (oil) infinity corrected objectives.


  • Bright illumination with variable intensity high power 30 Watt halogen bulb.

Head Details

  • Ergonomic 30 degree angle of incline heads for ease of viewing specimens.
  • Diopter adjustments on all four eyepieces.
  • Interpupillary distance adjustment of 55-75mm to adjust for the distance between the user’s eyes.

Filters – Condenser

  • Filters: Includes green, daylight color corrected blue, and yellow filters to mount in the swing-out filter system below the light condenser.
  • N.A.1.25 Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm and filter. Iris diaphragm is used to adjust the amount of light reaching the objective and give better control over the image contrast and brightness.
  • Focusable Field Diaphragm with Koehler Illumination.

Mechanical Stage

  • Double layer mechanical stage. Stage Size: 180mm×150mm. Stage Moving Range: 75mm×50mm.
  • Low position X-Y stage movement.


  • Fine and course focusing adjustments on both sides of microscope.
  • Includes course focusing tension adjustment on one side. Includes focusing travel lock stop on the other side. This travel lock stop is used to lock the travel so the stage will not go up too far for the glass specimen slide to hit the objective.
  • Fine focusing scale value 0.002mm.

Included Items

  • Includes: Dust cover. Includes spare 12V/30W halogen bulb and spare fuse. Included bottle of immersion oil for use with the 100x oil immersion objective.

Other Specifications

  • ISO: 9001 Standard Manufacturing Factory
  • Autovoltage for the ability to use both 110V power in USA or 220V power in Europe. (Rating 85V-265V, 50/60 Hz).
  • All items are brand new.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

  • Warranty is 5 years on all microscope equipment.
  • The microscope warranty covers problems arising from normal usage.
  • We will repair or replace your defective microscopy equipment as needed during the warranty period.


  • Optional Phase Contrast Microscopy Kit.