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Zeiss Axio Lab A1
Side by Side Dual Heads
Pole Extension In-between
Pointer Arrowhead
Trinocular with Axiocam Camera
Teaching Microscope

Price USD $6000

Model: Zeiss Axio Lab.A1
Shipping Cost: To be determined


Viewing Binoculars:

  • Main Head – Trinocular version with photographic port. Has a 2-position prism slider to control where light goes.
  • Student Head – Binocular.
  • Eyepiece Sets: Two Pair of E-Pl 10x/20 high eyepoint, Zeiss part number 444232-9904.


  • 5x – A-Plan 5x / 0.12. Infinity/-. Part Number 421030-9900.
  • 10x – A-Plan 10x / 0.25. Infinity/-. Part Number 421040-9900.
  • 20x – A-Plan 20x / 0.45. Infinity/0.17. Part Number 421050-9900.
  • 40x – A-Plan 40x / 0.65. Infinity/0.17. Part Number 421060-9900.
  • 63x – A-Plan 63x / 0.80. Infinity/0.17. Part Number 421080-9900.
  • 5-Place Nosepiece.


  • Substage condenser with Iris Diaphragm.

Co-Observation with Arrow Pointer System:

  • Includes an LED arrow pointer system that superimposes a movable arrow over the images in both heads.
  • Arrow color and intensity can be changed.
  • Transformer for pointer system is included but not shown in images.

Note that the co-observation system along with the extension pole and student head can be completely removed allowing for a normal style single headed system. This may be helpful if the student head is not always needed, and to conserve work space.

General Specifications:

  • Autovoltage 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz.
  • CE certification.
  • Koehler field diaphragm on base.

General Notes:

  • Microscope is in excellent like-new condition.
  • Includes original Zeiss dust cover.
  • This is a current model from factory.

Camera Equipment:

  • Zeiss Axiocam ERc5s Camera. Made in Germany.
  • Camera is missing the 5VDC/2.5W power adapter. This can be obtained from Zeiss. We can acquire it if necessary.
  • This camera model is in the current product line.
  • Includes the c-mount with internal reduction lens to attach camera to trinocular port. C-mount model 60N-C 2/3” 0.5x, part number 426112.

Factory Information and Pricing:

We are offering this at a huge savings. The price for the unit is quite high.

When comparing prices, be sure to add the price of the camera to the factory prices below.

Price of main unit without the co-observation (dual head) system: USD $4889.00

Price of co-observation center part with pointer: USD $3,056

Tube carrier for co-observation (end post and holder for head and pole extension) $1920.

Binocular student head: $700.

Extra set of eyepieces for the binocular student head $466.


Click here to view the factory brochure. Zeiss Axio Lab A1 Brochure.pdf